Volume Twelve Participants

Download Volume Twelve (43MB)

Adehla Lee
Jennifer Hrabota Lesser
Arlene Lieberman
Barbara Longwill
Lingling Lu
Liliane Luneau
Alexis K. Manheim
Pamela Marks
Huguette Depault May
Claire McConaughy
Lauren McEntire
Sydney McKenna
Frances McMullen
Elias Melad
Greg Mencoff
Eric Montoya
Ryuta Nakajima
Letty Nowak
Jacki Olson
Mark Pease
Mark Pelnar
Karl Pilato
Annette Poitau
David Potter
Andrew Prieto
Michael Provenza
Tony Reans
Ester Ritz
Kate Rivers
Joy Rotblatt
Colleen Rudolf
Jane Ryder
Jennifer Schwartz
Guenevere Schwien
Michael Seiler
Justin Shull
Randy Simmons
Eric Collin Smith
Kentree Speirs
Linda St. Clair
Monika Steiner
Victoria Tao
James Thurman
Jean Tripier
Victoria Ufondu
Britta Urness
Marie Van Elder
Robert Varga
Jon Wessel
Geneviere White
Paul Yanko
Becky Yazdan
Tannea Zollinger
David Zung


Production Update:

11.27.2018:  We are mid-production for Volumes 43 and 44.  Fact checks are being formatted to be sent to participating artists 

Production Update:

10.9.2018:  Volumes 41 and 42 have arrived in the US.  All books will be shipped to artists this week. Both digital PDFs are available for download on their respective Past Volumes pages. 

Competition Update:

1.24.2018: Selected artists for volumes 41 & 42 have been selected and notified.

Production Update:

1.31.2018: Volumes 39 and 40 are currently shipping. Artists should expect to have them in 1-2 weeks depending on location. 


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