Volume Fourteen Participants

Download Volume Fourteen (75MB)

Peter Y. Alberice
Elizabeth Wanlass Allgood
Joanne Amantea
Carla Aurich
Bonnie Joy Bardos
Patricia Barrow
Nancy Bass
Kevin Bernstein
Judith Brandon
Elizabeth Bruno
Natalya N. Burd
Trent Call
Terrence Campagna
Jessica Cannon
Michael Carini
Sabine Carlson
Amy Yun-Ping Chen
Ting-Ting Cheng
Emily Christenson
Hyon-Ok Cicconi
Rebecca Clark
Erin Cone
Joan Cox
Maeve Croghan
Amelia Currier
Agata Czeremuszkin-Chrut
Sue Danielson
Heather Deyling
Daniel Dienelt
Huan Do
Christine Drake
Isabelle du Toit
Matt Duffin
Catherine Eckdahl
Jessica Erickson
Danielle Eubank
Antoine G. Faddoul
Sarah Fairchild
Kim Faler
James Wille Faust
Catherine Forster
Lisa Foster
Heidi Fowler
Austin Furtak-Cole
Ricardo Paniagua Garcia III
Jonathan Gibson
Carly Glovinski
Steve Griffin
Brooke Grucella
Christina Hall-Strauss
Emanuela Harris-Sintamarian
Matthew Hassell
Sue Hettmansperger
Philip High
Sara Paula Hoffman
Richard Hutter
Iliyan Ivanov
Honora Jacob
Regina Jacobson
Sunny Jacquet
Tim Jaeger
Bokyung Jun


Hyang Kim
Chintia Kirana
Judith Kruger
Cynthia LaBarre
Gwen Laine
Christopher Lamberg-Karlovsky
Mary Laube
Marie Lauer
Elise Lee
Jon Lee
Tom Maakestad
Anne Marchand
Michael Massaro
Carolyn Zacharias McAdams
Robert James McElwee
Karlin Meehan
Jake Messing
Andrew D. Moeller
Dan Monteavaro
Jaye Alison Moscariello
Debbie Lightfoot Moseley
Robert Mullenix
Kathryn Neale
Christine Neill
Hilary Norcliffe
Diane Novetsky
Dellamarie Parrilli
Kate Petley
Erika Pochybova Johnson
Erica Pollock
Jill Pope
Alexis Portilla
Rose Principe
SIlvana LaCreta Ravena
Aubrey Rhodes
Kate Rivers
Craig Robb
Brian Row
Eleanor Sackett
Mara Safransky
Arturo Samaniego
Sherry Zvares Sanabria
Christopher Scardino
R. Schofield
Bonnie Shapiro
C. Sharp
Tremain Smith
Kentree Speirs
Betsy Stewart
Debora L. Stewart
Katherine Strause
Julia Strickler
Aaron Eliah Terry
Gerry Trilling
Gerry Tuten
Paula Wenzl Bellacera
Christopher T Wood
Suze Woolf
Brenda Hope Zappitell


Production Update:

11.27.2018:  We are mid-production for Volumes 43 and 44.  Fact checks are being formatted to be sent to participating artists 

Production Update:

10.9.2018:  Volumes 41 and 42 have arrived in the US.  All books will be shipped to artists this week. Both digital PDFs are available for download on their respective Past Volumes pages. 

Competition Update:

1.24.2018: Selected artists for volumes 41 & 42 have been selected and notified.

Production Update:

1.31.2018: Volumes 39 and 40 are currently shipping. Artists should expect to have them in 1-2 weeks depending on location. 


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