Artist FAQs

Q: How often do you have competitions?
A: We do not have a regularly scheduled competition, but they generally occur twice a year. Please sign up for our mailing list and we will alert you when there is a new deadline announced.

Q: What mediums will you accept?
A: Studio Visit is open to all visual mediums including photography, painting, illustration, and sculpture.

Q: What are the dimensions of Studio Visit?
A: The volumes are 9 x6 inches which means each individual page of Studio Visit is 9 (H) x 6 (W) inches.

Q: Who receives Studio Visit?
A: We send Studio Visit to approximately 1500 galleries and 500 curators at major institutions. To see a partial list of galleries that receive Studio Visit, please click here.

Q: How many images can I submit for the juror’s consideration?
A: You will submit one image free of charge with your entry. Artists may opt to submit more for a fee.

Q: Does my submission to Studio Visit effect my entry into the New American Paintings Competition?
A: No. Both publications are handled entirely separate. The jurors will have no knowledge of whether or not you have entered the other competition.

Q: Do I submit a resume with my application?
A: No. We use a “blind” jurying process which means that the only materials presented to the juror are images, media and dimensions of your work, accompanied by the reference number that you are assigned. We do ask for contact information for internal use.

Q: How long does it take to get a response and how will I be notified?
A: It takes quite some time to process and prepare all of the entries for the juror. Artists will be notified by email 2-5 weeks after the deadline. We will also post an update on our website that indicates when the email has been sent. If you are on Twitter follow us @studiovisitmag to receive updates.

Q: What file types will the system accept for the submission?
A: Our system can take all digital image file types, but we prefer jpegs. Please make sure your files are less than 5 MB.

Q: Will we have a chance to resubmit files for the actual printed publication if we are selected?
A: Yes. If you are selected, you will submit a high resolution file for print.

Q: Why do artists selected to be in Studio Visit have to pay to be in the magazine?
A: Studio Visit is sent to galleries, curators and museums free of charge to the recipients. Because there are no subscriptions to help pay for the production of Studio Visit, money paid by the artists involved will support the production, printing and distribution of the magazine. For an artist, the cost of purchasing a mailing list, and printing and mailing over 2000 postcards would be significantly more expensive, so we feel this is a good value for those interested in national exposure.


Competition Update:

9.12.19: Studio Visit Magazine Fall 2019 Competition Volumes 47 & 48 is now live and accepting applications. Deadline is October 20th, 2019.  

Production Update:

9.10.19: SV Volumes 45 & 46 are currently in production.  We will have factchecks out in about 2 weeks time. 

Production Update:

4.16.19: SV Volumes 43 & 44 are currently at the printer and are projected to arrive in the US before June.

Competition Update:

1.31.19: Studio Visit Magazine Competition 45 and 46 is now closed and results are currently being jurried

Production Update:

1.31.19: Fact checks for Volume 43 and 44 have been sent to participating artists and are due 2.1.19

Production Update:

11.27.2018:  We are mid-production for Volumes 43 and 44.  Fact checks are being formatted to be sent to participating artists 

Production Update:

10.9.2018:  Volumes 41 and 42 have arrived in the US.  All books will be shipped to artists this week. Both digital PDFs are available for download on their respective Past Volumes pages. 

Competition Update:

1.24.2018: Selected artists for volumes 41 & 42 have been selected and notified.

Production Update:

1.31.2018: Volumes 39 and 40 are currently shipping. Artists should expect to have them in 1-2 weeks depending on location. 


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